Introduction post

Hi, my name is Erin, I am a 21 year old woman who grew up (and still lives) in Woonona, a suburb just north of the centre of Wollongong. I am currently entering my third year at uni but only my second year of Media and Comms (psych didn’t really work for me). I live with two of my friends and love diving in the ocean and walking in nature. I work as a nanny and a barista and spend most of my nights cooking wholesome meals or having a few drinks with friends.

Although I knew uni would always be on the cards for me, I wasn’t that pumped to go because I felt like my high school put way too much pressure on the HSC and jumping straight into your ‘dream degree’. This created a mix of emotions so before I started, if I were to describe one thing that uni would be like I would have said “overwhelming”.

After asking my boyfriend (who hasn’t been to uni) what’s one thing that comes to his mind when I say “university student” he said “stress”.

These are interesting findings because now, after 3 years at uni, I would answer something more positive than both of these responses.

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