My Digital Artefact Pitch

August 9th

For my digital artefact I am going to create a homemade, natural and ethical skincare brand called ‘The Glow Code’. I have two main focuses for this brand. The first being minimisation of environmental impact and the second being the benefits of natural and simple skincare.  

My main product will be body scrubs and I am also thinking about doing a facial toner and a hair oil. 

I’m going to insure that the packaging for my products is completely zero waste and I am going to focus on buying local and collecting things that would other wise go to waste.

The Glow Code will be present on Instagram and Facebook where I will advertise  my products and ask my customers to direct message me to order.

My project promotes the issue of waste, it shows the benefits of natural products for the skin, it will be affordable and it gives people a chance to support a small local business. 

My friends and I regularly discuss what products we use, what routines we do and the different types of skin we have. This has given me an insight as to what works for different people. 

Another thing that I have learnt is that not many skincare products are marketed towards men which can make them feel like they shouldn’t being using skincare products. I want my products to appeal to both men and women.

Words by Erin Waugh

Image by Nicola Jane Creative

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