Pitching my YouTube channel

Digital Artefact Pitch

For my digital artefact, I have decided that I am going to create a YouTube channel that focuses on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

I personally watch a lot of YouTube in this area and I have always wanted to start one myself. I find that videos about healthy eating or organisation, really motivate me to live a more productive and overall happier life style. 

For my DA I intend on producing three quality YouTube videos. I originally wanted to do more, however considering I am new to filming and editing, I don’t want to underestimate how long they will take to produce.

The topics that I am currently brain storming for my 3 videos are:

-What I eat in a day

-Day in my life (vlog)

-Apartment tour/home decor hacks

I am planning on just using my iPhone for these videos as my phone has a pretty good quality camera and I don’t have a professional one/am not willing to buy one. However, if I have problems with the quality I can borrow a camera from the uni or from my friend. 

I am hoping that my viewers may be able to get something out my videos that will encourage them to implement a healthy habit into their life. 

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