YouTube channel ‘beta’

I decided to make a Youtube channel for my digital artefact, which aims to give tips or inspiration to any one with the interests of organisation or healthy and balanced living. I decided to use a vlog style of filming in my first 2 videos to produce content which resonates with my viewers in a more personal and relatable way.

My first two vidoes have been uploaded and commented upon.

First video:

Within my first video I asked for my viewers to tell me what they would like to see in my next videos. Two of my viewers mentioned that they wanted to see organisational skills and food prep. So thats what I did for my next video.

Second video:

I also got a comment in my first video asking for an apartment tour so I am filming one this week.

Interesting analytics from my first video:

I need to work on making my content engaging all the way through by giving little teasers throughout the video as to what is going to come next.

I need to make sure I am asking my viewers to subscribe to me in every video and emphasis it in a good way. I am also going to continue to ask in every video what my viewers want to see next.

Things I am going to improve on/do for my future videos:

  • Borrow my friend’s camera for better quality videos.
  • Watch more videos on how to edit on IMovie.
  • Learn how to make aesthetic titles.
  • I asked my mum for constructive criticism and she said that I need to touch my face less when filming myself and that I need to use a more enthusiastic tone of voice.

I have also considered that due to corona virus, videos that are more home based eg. ‘working from home’ or ‘organising my wardrobe’ will be more popular at this time.

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