Online presence 3: ‘Making’ The Glow Code

Following from the feedback I received from my prototypes, I decided to begin making my skincare products for The Glow Code. I knew I wanted to only make a small batch as I didn’t know how popular the products would be/if they would sell and I didn’t want to waste unnecessary time or money.

The two products I made to release for sale on The Glow Code are a body scrub and a facial toning mist. These products were the result of market research and resources.

For the body scrubs, I have decided to make two flavours- a citrus scrub and a peach scrub. The names of these products are ‘citrus got real’ and ‘peach passion’ because I wanted something fun, lighthearted and unique.

For both of the scrubs I continued making them with the same ingredients and ratios as the prototypes, although due to prototype feedback from a friend, I added a table spoon MORE coconut oil to each scrub for my final product. Also due to feedback I added garnish to the top of my scrubs.

I decided to make 3 different sizes for each flavour of scrub. I figured that this would open up my market to people who want to buy a small size- don’t want to spend much money or just want to try the scrub and also to those who want a larger size- perhaps they know they’ll use it often and don’t want to buy a new one only after a few uses.

Here are the 3 different sizes with my hand for reference (I can’t give grams or millilitres because each jar is recycled and a different size)

Small $7

Medium $10

Large $20

I made 2 of each size for each flavour, leaving me with 12 scrubs in total.

For my second product, the facial toning mist, I decided to call it the ‘Habitual Toning Spray’. My idea behind this was that the spray would become habit, morning and night for my customers.

The ratio of ingredients was decided by myself and my friend after trying 3 different mixes. Once this was decided, I filled the remaining 9 bottles with this ratio. This spray is 100ml and I am selling it for $12.

Since releasing these products on Instagram, I have received 2 people wanting to buy the spray and 1 person wanting to buy a scrub. The issue I have experienced is that people won’t make time to come and pick their orders up from my house. I may trial days where I offer free delivery within the Illawarra area. This way people will feel more inclined to make an order. I also offer postage but no one has asked for it yet.

I defiantly think I need to work harder on the promotion of these products, across social media. I haven’t posted much since launching them and I think people need to see something pop up a million times before they think about buying it.

I have written out a list of post ideas which will make it easier to post on the days that I don’t have much inspiration.

I have also posted this to encourage urgency to buy my products. I have also stated that I might not make any more before Christmas/new years.

Words by Erin Waugh

Feature Image by Bibi Deitz

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