The attention economy and the long tail effect

This week I used the example of TikTok to talk about attention economy. I think it’s the most relevant example in my life and will truely be something that impacts our lives forever.

I don’t think we can deny that the younger generation definitely have a shorter attention span due to the effects of technology. There are kids on social media now from ages as young as 5 and there is no studies to show how this will effects our society.

This shortened attention span will reduce with the increase of new technologies and I think this will change every aspect of life in the future. Socially, people will become more impatient with one another and less entertained by other peoples presence. Education institutions will have to adapt to the shortened attention of their students as people will genuinely not have the ability to sit and watch a lecture without multitasking. Work places will be impacted by this as well, people will potentially be given larger workloads as being constantly bogged with multiple tasks will become the new norm.

These are some quotes from the lecture I really resonated with:

The podcast I recorded to speak more in depth about TikTok and attention economy:

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