YouTube Channel – BETA –

For my Digital Artefact I have been making YouTube videos for my lifestyle channel where I give tips on how to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Throughout the first couple weeks of this project I have been trying to get a clearer picture of what content I want to focus on creating, who my audience is for said content and how I can continuously improve my video filming and editing skills to make my videos more enjoyable/gain a larger audience.


To start off, I conducted a poll via my personal Instagram account (similar audience to my YouTube and the best place for my to access market research). I received around 200 responses from each question:

Based on these results I decided to:

  • Stick to creating content for YouTube
  • Create a mix of content including both my personal life AND life/organisation tips
  • Create more vlog style videos
  • Keep my videos around 10 minutes long


So far I have uploaded two videos and have planned future videos to be uploaded each week for the next four weeks.

The titles for my future videos include:

‘Byron Bay Vlog’

‘Q&A with Juliet Gobran’

‘5 ways to live more sustainably’

‘How I plan my week’

Here are the two videos I have already uploaded:

Here are the comments I received:

Based on Camellia’s comment I will:

Talk about my skincare routine in the Q&A video.


I have struggled to gain views on my current videos so I plan on promoting more on my Instagram account and I have also found some lifestyle YouTube Reddit groups in which I have promoted my channel in.

Here is one example of a post I made in a Reddit group called ‘Thegirlssurvivalguide’:


In order to advance my filming and editing skills I have been watching videos like this one:

Some things I have also done include:

  • Using my housemates vlogging camera instead of my phone to improve the quality of my videos
  • Using my boyfriends new laptop and Final Cut Pro software for better editing
  • Exploring different YouTubers to gain a wider perspective of content I’d be interested in creating
  • Created a calendar where I timeline when I’m going to film, edit and post each vid

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