THE GLOW CODE – Digital Artefact

Artefact Title: The Glow Code

Group member/s: Erin Waugh

Artefact URL:


Project summary

My digital artefact is a natural and ethical skincare brand called ‘The Glow Code’. 


I developed this project because I have always been really into skincare, I have always wanted to run my own business and I feel as though there aren’t enough natural and waste free skincare products on the market. 

Proposed utility

Based on my target market research, I decided to focus my brand on two main values 1. The environment and 2. Natural ingredients on the skin. Another goal of mine was to target my products towards men as well as women, as I noticed that this was a downfall within the skincare market. Due to the results of my instagram polls, along side extensive online research, I decided upon making my first products a body scrub and a facial toner. I knew these products would appeal to  my market as they adhere to the core values of the brand and I also knew that I had the recourses to physically make them.

Proposed production method

I decided I would develop this project by building a strong online presence to gain audience retention and ultimately ensuring my products were of high quality and brought value to my customers.

Analysis of important learning moments

Making prototypes 

To create my prototypes I used a collaboration of recipes I found on blogs and came up with 3 unique products:

  • The Peach Passion Scrub 
  • The Citrus Got Real Scrub
  • The Habitual Toning Spray

After testing them on myself and my friend, we both agreed that the scrubs needed more oil and that the toner needed more witch hazel and less apple cider vinegar. After testing again with the new ratios, we both  agreed that they were good to sell. 

This taught me that it is important to go through stages of testing before selling a product.

Deciding on prices

After researching how much other brands were selling their products for, as well as discussing with my family and friends, I decided to offer my customers three different sizes for the scrubs. Although in my instagram poll, the most common answer was that people don’t really mind how much they spend on skincare, I figured that this way I could appeal to a wider audience as there would be a choice in prices.

My current product prices are as follows:


Small $7

Medium $10

Large $20


The toning spray comes in one size of 100ml and I am selling it for $12.  

This process taught me how much people expect to pay for skincare products.  

Pick up/deliveries 

When launching my products, I had a few people wanting to buy them but none made the time to come and pick them up from my house. This taught me that in the future I may have to offer free delivery days to encourage people to order my products. 

Feedback from customers

The feedback I received via instagram, messenger and in person was 100% positive.   


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