What is my media niche?

My media interests have always gravitated towards social media, in particularly influencer culture and how certain aesthetics are curated. My passions are interior design, fashion, self development and overall wellness, so I am mainly interested in these types of accounts. My favourite influencers are the ones who create a synergy between their visual aesthetic and an a positive attitude/brand/motto within their written or spoken work. From what I have observed on the internet so far, the influencers who create content thats either relatable or aspirational, are the ones who gain the most positive attention. I also think that the better and longer this online personality can be maintained, the more successful they become.

My favourite social media platforms I use are Instagram and Youtube.

Here are a few of my favourite Youtubers/influencers:

Youtube is something I have been really into within the past couple of years. What sets Youtube apart from other media platforms for me is its duration. I have always found it hard to concentrate throughout a whole episode or movie (very short attention span, I know) so I opt for watching my favourite Youtubers. This is also the reason I love Instagram.

Another reason I love social media is the way that you can customise your feed or your watch. I find social media is somewhere where I can gain inspiration and motivation on the types of things I enjoy. I also find that I personally would prefer to gain knowledge or advice on something that I can apply to my day to day life or at least my future.

I have been really involved with Instagram since I was 15 years old, both as a audience member and a regular poster myself. I find its a form of self expression and creativity for me, especially with the growing use of stories function. As well as instagram, last semester I created a Youtube channel in which I drew inspiration from the Youtube I like to watch. This is something I would still love to continue to work on as I really enjoyed the planning, filming and editing process of it all.

I have also had experience creating social media content for business accounts when I have been in various employment positions. For example, I used to run the instagram for the catering company I worked for, as well as the local health food store I used to work at. Curating content for a business really opened my eyes to the detail in which you can go to for content creation and planning. I think its something I am naturally good at in terms of colour scheming and overall creating an aesthetic and a voice.

Social media is expanding by the minute and is the future for brands in regards to communication with their market. The world of influencer marketing is also something that is expanding rapidly and is something that will soon be seen as one of the most effective ways to advertise.

I am not sure whether or not I would be interested in going down the path of becoming some type of influencer, however I would love to study it and work in a relative area.

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