TikTok distracting students whilst studying – DRAFT PITCH

I want to research the effects that TikTok has on university students in Australia whilst they are studying. I personally find TikTok is set up in a really addictive way- the speed that your able to scroll at, the short duration of the videos and the accuracy of the algorithm makes for such a pulling temptation whilst you are studying and once you are on it, the time flies.

This research is important because students are more impacted by the distraction of technology than ever before. “Today’s young people frequently juggle multiple streams of information and entertainment media while doing schoolwork, a trend that researchers call distracted learning.”- Science Daily

This topic is relevant because the majority of university students in Australia are still studying from home which means the likely hood of being distracted by an app on your phone is higher because there is no one around. I also think it is relevant because TikTok as an app has sky rocketed in users since the pandemic. An article from Variety says that “The service and its many tools kept more than 100 million users engaged in lockdown conditions.”. Thirdly, by focusing on this one platform of technology, I am likely to get more specific and in depth results and conclusions. 

I am personally super distracted by TikTok whilst I am studying so I am interested to see how other students experience this. 

Reference List

University of Illinois. (2020). Distracted learning a big problem, golden opportunity for educators, students. Science Daily.

Littleton, C. (2021). Why TikTok’s Popularity Exploded During the Pandemic. Variety.

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