How global am I?

July 30th

My name Erin is a British derivative from the Irish word Éirinn. My mother, Anne is British born in Kenya, Africa and my father, Stephen is a Australian born in Syndey.

My parents met in Switzerland and travelled the world together. My Mum then got a job in Wollongong which is where they decided to have children.

I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who never quiet lost their travel bugs meaning they had taken me to over 14 countries before the age of 16.

I am also lucky that I got to do a Italy exchange program and a East Timor immersion trip through my high school.

I try as hard as I can to support local brands and buy products made in Australia, however unfortunately I still own a lot of items made in China or the US.

The Artists I listen to are predominantly Australian, such as Angus and Julia Stone and Matt Corby, however I really like to listen to Florence and the Machine who is British and Beach House who are American.

The TV shows I watch are almost solely American and the YouTubers I regularly watch are either Australian or American.

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