Distributed media and Meme Warfare

Have you ever thought about the implications that memes could have on our society?

The Gardian reports memes as “puerile units of culture” that have given people an entirely new way of articulating their beliefs.

Memewarfare has been seriously studied as an important concept with respects to information warfare. It is often referred to when looking at the 2016 presidential election in the US.

Memes were seen to have assisted Donald Trump in winning the election as a subreddit group was posting high volumes of Donald Trump memes which were reaching main stream internet sights.

Now, memewarfare often refers to using memes as individual weapons of information warfare.

“It’s a form of disinformation that can be used to secure strategic goals.”

Tom Ascott

I personally find memes to be a useful way in which to spread awareness surrounding the dangers of climate change.

Taylor Saulsbury, president and founder of the William J. Palmer High School environmental club uses memes and Instagram to help her express her anxieties and concerns about climate change.

2 thoughts on “Distributed media and Meme Warfare

  1. Love the remediation this week, really good example of how meme warfare can be transposed into culture, and in particular fashion, making it completely normalised. Much like the face masks right now.


  2. Loving the recognition of how people use ‘memes’ to spread their own thoughts and ideas, as it’s easy to understand, it’s accessible and for audiences with a short attention span it grabs their attention!


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