Ideas for my DA

August 3rd

What the heck is a digital artefact?!!

I had my first week back at uni last week where I was presented with a major work for my Making Media subject. After a lecture, a tutorial and some research on digital artefacts I am still not 100% sure on what they are, however any type of creative project excites me so I’m looking forward to see what I come up with.

After watching a couple of YouTube videos on DAs I got tips on how to film my videos, I got ideas on the types of DAs I could do and I also learnt that this doesn’t need to be an expensive or boring process. To be honest I’m happy that I get to use my uni time to work on something I would have probably done anyways at some point down the track.

I’ve had a few little side hustle projects in the past so I’ve curated a list of areas that interested me/projects I have been thinking about starting up.

My digital artefact ideas:

  • A natural and ethical skincare brand
  • A podcast series on wellness and intentional living
  • A youtube channel about ethical fashion

Our pitch’s are due next Friday so I better get moving…

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