Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

Before learning about these tech terms, I had a very basic understanding of what hacking is. For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hacking is getting logged out of your facebook account or getting a virus on your computer.

Looking deeper into the terms stated in my blog title, I was able to see just how serious this stuff can be. There’s been some crazy hacking cases in the past, most of them very serious but the one that I found the most entertaining to read was the Kevin Poulsen case.

Kevin Poulsen is famous for hacking into the Los Angeles phone system in a bid to win a Ferrari on a radio competition. LA KIIS FM was offering a Porsche 944 S2 to the 102th caller. Poulsen guaranteed his success as he took control of the phone network and effectively blocked incoming calls to the radio station’s number. He won the Porsche but was eventually caught and he was sentenced to five years in prison.


5 thoughts on “Dark fiber: exploits, botnets and cyberwar

  1. hi Erin,
    first of all, I really liked your blog post and found it very easy to read and understand as you used terms everyone was familiar with, so thank you. I agree that I knew a very basic level of knowledge of what hacking was similar to you, and thought of your basic computer hacking, like Facebook. I find it so intriguing the extent Kevin went to and had really thought out this process, for this car. It makes me think about how many people try and hack the lottery. https://awealthofcommonsense.com/2018/03/lessons-from-the-couple-who-hacked-the-lottery/
    I found this article really interesting and yet this was completely legal but just had to be thought out and properly investigated for this plan to work. Your remediation was classic and effective as often the greatest hackers and hacks that have occurred have been thought outside the box and taken a different approach to traditional “hacking”. Well done!


  2. Hey Erin,
    Great blog, easy to read and really concise. I completely agree with the hacking statement. Ive had my fair share of viruses and whatnot from dodgy music websites. But not until now did I know that things that this could be done. Makes me curious to know how he got caught and where he acquired such skills. On another note, its so funny and so smart, I appreciate things like this, poor guy just wanted a nice car..
    I also love your remediation. Very funny and very relatable. id much rather the car than anything the government has to offer, Great work, Keep it up!


  3. Hey Erin! I enjoyed the simplicity of your blog post, made it super easy to read! I must agree with you that I as well thought hacking was just getting logged out of facebook etc. Your example of the Kevin Poulsen case made me realise that people take drastic actions to hack into things. In my blog post I touched on botnets and a bit about what they are and how they will be in the future. I find it very alarming to think that botnets can spy on our transactions just from us opening a spam email. How crazy! Anyway, this is one of the articles I read to learn more about botnets if your interested 🙂 https://www.getsafeonline.org/online-safety-and-security/what-are-botnets/


  4. Thanks for your post. Do you think 5 years is a suitable amount of time for hacking the phone line or do you this that the sentence was perhaps heavy to deter other people from doing so? It’s sometimes hard to apply certain morals over media criminal activity I believe… I guess if he was to physically try and steal the car it almost seems more sinister in a way…Anyway my own opinions aside, this was super easy and concise to ready and furthered my insight.


  5. Hi Erin,
    I loved your blog post, it was short and sweet. I found it good to read and I liked your example of Kevin Poulsen, the remediation you made was clever and interesting. The story of Kevin Poulsen and the length he went to win a car, shows just what people will do when they want something. It makes you wonder what people with these skills are capable of doing. I liked that you used an example of a hacker that was quite funny, it showed that not every hacker is out to ruin lives.
    Good job, Ruby 🙂


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