DIGITAL ARTEFACT: Lifestyle YouTube Channel

My channel:

My digital artefact is a YouTube channel where I share aspects of my lifestyle and discuss topics that I’m passionate about.

I want this channel to not only be space where I can connect and give light to my audience, but a place where I am free to create freely and express myself.

Originally I wanted to focus on a niche and create specifically organisation and life routine content. I thought that targeting a very particular audience would lead me to a stronger community and allow me to go into more detail with my content. However after brainstorming ideas for my videos, I realised that this approach felt too restrictive and until I truely explore what I enjoy making, I didn’t want to decide on a niche. I also took into account that a lot of my favourite creators have chosen their specialty areas whilst still creating a range of content.

Before planning what videos I wanted to make, I sat down and thought about my passions, where my inspiration stems from and what I felt could really resonate with my audience.

I put together this mood board which encapsulates inspiration for my channel. It includes a mix of images from my favourite creators and images found on Pinterest:

I then wrote a few lists to map out my intentions with the channel:

I then took it to my audience to see what they wanted to see when they watch YouTube:

I got over 200 responses for each poll which gave me good insight into how I wanted to go about planning each video.

Something I struggled with in the past with my YouTube channel was consistency. So I created a detailed calendar mapping when I was going to film, edit and upload each video. I made a plan to upload 5 videos in 5 weeks. This way I could grow an audience whilst keeping them engaged with new content.

This was the first video that I uploaded:

I received positive comments on this video however after looking at this analytic I realised I needed to make my videos more engaging. After learning about the attention economy I realise how valuable, but challenging it is to keep my audience engaged. I decided to add more music, titles, transitions and teasers in my next videos.

My next video was:

I was happy with the editing and content of this video however I feel my personality could be more engaging in the next video. I got this analytic which showed I should be offering more reasons for people to subscribe to my channel:

My next video was the best received yet:

Reasons I feel this video went well:

  • It featured someone new and well known/interesting
  • I used my Instagram story to ask my audience questions which made them feel involved
  • My audience got to know me better on more personal level

After learning about meme warfare, I realised I need to be careful talking about topics such as COVID-19 and politics as this is highly monitored by YouTube and I wouldn’t want to spread fake news.

My next video was very simple, however I am interested in creating this style of dreamy montage:

A few friends told me in person that they really enjoyed this video, however I didn’t feel fully satisfied with it. I’m excited to work on future videos like this but expand on my filming and editing creativity.

My next video was the one I was most passionate about creating:

Although I really enjoyed this topic, my audience was not engaged:

As this was my final video for my DA I wrote a list of a few things I want to work on moving forward:

  • Better quality footage (Better camera but also better lighting and angles)
  • More time spent on editing (better transitions, music etc.)
  • I’m thinking about creating a seperate Instagram account for my YouTube channel. This way I can express freely and draw a more interested audience
  • I am going to do a few online courses over summer involving how to gain a following, tips and tricks as well as video and editing skills
  • Ask more questions from my audience

Some exciting news that did come from this DA was that a local artist management agency contacted me to see if I wanted to have a chat about potentially working with him:

I’m super excited to see where this channel goes, there is lots to improve on and I’m excited to work on it over summer.

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