BCM302 DA Pitch

Digital Marketing for yoga and pilates studios

Background and experience

  • Creative (like making things look nice)
  • Emotional intelligence (can understand market/business owner’s needs)
  • A good communicator (can clearly develop projects in an online space)
  • I find it easy to put myself in their audience’s shoes (can relate to being a consumer myself)
  • I have always worked in hospitality so have been involved in this community (achieved clients through that)
  • I have grown up surrounded by creative, driven individuals (who have inspired and supported me)
  • I feel strongly about helping small businesses, whether they just don’t have time to do their digital marketing or they don’t know the first thing about social media
  • I enjoy seeing my marketing efforts create real growth for these businesses

Examples of past Digital Marketing work


I’ve been told that the most successful digital marketing agencies focus on a niche. They’ve become experts in that area of their field. Clients want to work with them because they’ve dedicated so much time learning the ins and outs of that particular are. 

Project Statement

My project is targeting pilates and yoga studio (in person or online) owners with the aim of gaining new clients by showing them how I can increase their exposure and revenue. 

Project Description

Based on my background as a digital marketer and interest in pilates and yoga, I’ve noticed that studio owners need a solid social media presence to engage with existing members and achieve exposure to non-members. So my digital artifact is going to be a digital marketing agency that specialises in pilates and yoga studios. 


  • Establish business name, logo, branding etc. 
  • Create an instagram and facebook account for business
  • Create and plan engaging + informative posts that are related to my niche
  • Run ads to reach initial audience?
  • Communicating with audience through socials (analytics + polls) but also identifying audience responses from already well established existing accounts 
  • Continue researching my field and niche and apply that new knowledge throughout project

Existing business logo:


My project benefits future clients because it will:

  • Create brand awareness (get their name in front of people who have not heard them before)
  • Build a stronger sense of community 
  • Communicate messages (eg. give information about an upcoming event)

My project benefits me because:

  • It establishes a genuine business I want to create: Earns me money, adds to my portfolio, builds my network in the field. 
  • Choosing my niche of yoga and pilates studios is a personal interest of mine as I love attending these studios, I love the aesthetic/vibe of them and I live in Byron Bay which is overflowing with them. 

Audience Persona

My audience:

  • Owns a in person and/or online yoga and/or pilates studio
  • They are looking to establish/grow/maintain their online presence
  • They have a strong foundation (branding, business model etc)
  • They can provide me with content (are able to organise photo shoots etc)

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