Live Tweeting Summary no. 2

BCM325 Assessment Task 1 Part 2 Blog Post 3

The video below is the summary of my live tweeting experience for BCM325:

Throughout the semester I made leaps and bounds in developing my live tweeting skills. My tweets began as very basic facts about the films and evolved to well planned, conceptual tweets.

I am grateful for learning this new skill as I think it will help me in my career of digital marketing. Anything that puts you under pressure to think quick is always an opportunity to learn and grow.

The BCM325 live tweeting experience has rubbed off on my everyday life. I find myself thinking more critically about the world in general. When I watch movies now, my brain is diving into concepts that it wouldn’t usually. And lastly, engaging with the subject content whilst viewing films and live tweeting definitely contributed to the development of my digital artefact.

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