Contextual statement for my digital artefact

Freedom Foods launch podcast – Erin Waugh

The podcast linked above is my digital artefact for the subject BCM214. For my DA I have created an innovation called ‘Freedom Foods’ which is an app that aims to help people with any dietary requirements. These dietary requirements include gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, egg-free, fish-free and meat-free. This ‘help’ is delivered in the form of recipes, a shopping list generator, a barcode scanner and an educational blog. The features of the app work together to achieve the projects aim of improving every aspect of the user’s wellbeing.

I have chosen the form of a podcast to present my DA and have created a ‘public service announcement’ scene where I host a podcast called Health First and within the episode I am launching ‘Freedom Foods’ as an app that I helped create. I have taken a very conversational, casual approach to my language in this podcast. For me, it made sense to deliver the details of Freedom Foods in a palatable way – opening up space for a wider audience to jump on board.

There was extensive research involved throughout the development of this project and although there were a wide range of sources that influenced my innovation, I will just outline my findings surrounding need, competitors and potential benefits and harms of Freedom Foods.

I begun by pulling together evidence that there was a need for an app like Freedom Foods. I collected facts such as:

  • IBS affects 3-in-10 people, of this 60-65% are women (IFFGD, 2022)
  • Food allergy rates among children are on the rise – greatest cause milk, nuts, fish and eggs (Santos, 2019)
  • 20% of Australians avoid one food category, whilst 12% and increasing are poly avoiders (more than one food category) (Noone, 2016)

I then researched competitors for Freedom Foods- helping me develop something that was unique:

  • The Woolworths app – Small scope of healthy recipes. Don’t target dietary needs and don’t offer optional substitutes (Woolworths, 2022).
  • The Sunee app– Refinement options and nutrition advice. Costs $15.99 per month. Nutritionist approved recipes (Sunee, 2022).
  • Coeliac Aus app – Offers a barcode scan feature to identify which foods contain gluten. Only cater to gluten restrictions (CoeliacAus, 2022).

I then researched potential benefits and harms of Freedom Foods:

  • Sritharan, 2022 conducted a study investigating the hidden mental health issues that people with allergies experience. The benefits of Freedom Foods that I identified were that it saves users time, energy and money whilst educating them and giving them a better quality of life and improving mental health.
  • Burchi, Fanzo and Frison, 2011 reported on the consuming nature of technology. A potential harm of Freedom Foods that I identified was that our users could interoperate our nutrition advice incorrectly and potentially neglect certain nutrients that they need.

In conclusion, I set out with a clear aim to increase the wellbeing of people with dietary requirements and through the development of each feature of the app, I was successful in achieving that.


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