Pitching my 5 year business plan

For my BCM325 Digital Artefact I am going to create a 5 year business plan document for my social media management company. This is a fresh business so as well as producing a document for me to refer to, I also want to create a business Instagram account, as well as a website.

My methodology is going to be a process of researching, learning, creating, uploading, writing and most importantly- asking for feedback. I have a few friends who work in this field who will be happy to provide feedback on my work along the way.

My research is going to involve academic and non-academic sources. My academic sources will be research based on why having a business plan is important and how I can go about creating an effective one. My non-academic sources are going to be podcasts, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, blogs etc. There is loads of information out there on social media marketing and I am excited to learn as I am pretty much just relying on my own creativity at the moment with no proper strategy.

I will be using the sub categories of probable, possible and preferable to seperate my ambitions for my business and this project. I also intend on outlining actionable steps that include my business’ short, medium and long term future.

My business plan will have utility for myself as it will be a structured outline of my intentions and my direction. Additionally, my project will have utility for potential clients as a professional display of my portfolio will be available online.

Below is a timeline for my project:

2 thoughts on “Pitching my 5 year business plan

  1. Hello, Erin.
    What a great move forwards for your profession! I can see you’re very excited about this concept! You seem to have given your goals a lot of attention and want to sketch out an overview to ensure you’re on track! I’d recommend listening to Lucy and Nikki’s Happy Hour podcast because they are two highly accomplished women who strike a great balance between socialising and working on their careers! They could inspire you to make your Instagram and journey more entertaining and unique! Having a continual reminder of your objective at that time of your life will be quite useful, reflecting on your progress and giving you something to strive towards!


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