How does social media affect university students whilst studying?

Opinion piece



I found this research project really interesting as I chose to do it on an issue that I personally struggle with. It was nice to hear about other students’ experiences as this isn’t a topic that you would usually go into depth about in a social setting.

My results were not surprising, everyone seemed to struggle with the distraction of social media whilst studying. However some of the open response answers were insightful. For example, I hadn’t really thought about the different elements as to why working from home means more checking social media. This made me more aware of the behaviours in myself I hadn’t even noticed.

Next time I would add more questions in my survey. I thought only doing five would make it easier for people but in hindsight I should have added a few more open response ones in the end just to get some more detail. I would have loved to ask if students thought that social media has had an impact on their grades. I should have also asked for tips on how students have tried to avoid this distraction. This could have given an advice element to my conclusion.

A few more responses would have also been good, it would have given more accurate results- representation wise. I could have potentially done this by releasing my survey a week or two earlier.

All in all, I was happy with my time management and felt like I completed this assignment stress free.

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