Youtube channel pitch

For my BCM206 digital artefact I’d love to make a Youtube channel where I make videos focusing on giving advice on how to create daily routines and how to use todo lists and calendars to peoples advantage. People have always told me this is something I am naturally good at as I’ve naturally been a pretty organised person my whole life. 

What communities will I be targeting?

My videos will be targeting people who have busy schedules and are looking to improve their time management. Im assuming this demographic will be young people who are perhaps students or small business owners. I already have a feel for these communities as I watch this content myself through people like Georgie Stevenson and Michelle B.

Whats a common problem I find with Youtubers?

A lot of Youtubers have unrealistic lifestyles compared to the average person. Personally throughout my week I juggle uni, work, exercise, cooking, cleaning, visiting family and socialising with friends, so I’m hoping i can offer some relatable content to people as this is the type of videos I look for and honestly, it’s pretty hard to find.

What and how am I going to produce my content?

I want to upload a new video every second week, this will hopefully engage and retain my audience, as well as keeping me accountable. Each video will involve the steps of: deciding the topic of the video, planning, filming, editing and uploading. I think the most consuming step will be coming up with the advice and information that I want to give to my audience that I am confident and sincere about. 

How am I going to prototype/engage with my audience?

I’m going to produce content relevant to my audience by gaging which of my existing videos have been the most popular, as well as using my instagram stories for polls and questionnaires, as well as looking at what organisation videos are trending on youtube. 

How does this help myself and others?

I will personally benefit from this DA as I love making videos, I would love to continue to grow my online community and it will hopefully be good content to show future employees when I go for social media jobs in the future. 

Most importantly I think my audience will definitely benefit from this advice if I make it as practical and realistic as I can. 

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