My YouTube channel DA

Link to my YouTube channel:

Concept: The Medium Is The Message

Project summary

My digital artefact is a YouTube channel about my life. I wanted to create this series about healthy and balanced living as I personally gain a lot of inspiration from this style of YouTube and after talking to friends and family, I found that a lot of people want to incorporate some more healthy habits into their day but they just don’t really know where to start. I think my videos give practical ‘real life’ examples of these healthy habits. I also have always wanted to start a YouTube channel as I love filming and editing. 

These are some of the accounts that I personally love and have drawn a lot of inspiration from:

After researching similar style YouTube channels, I found that ‘Day In My Life’ videos were extremely popular so I decided to make that my first video. I thought this would be useful for my audience to get an idea of my lifestyle.

Link to ‘Day In My Life’ video:

I then drew up this starter pack for my audience: 

I then figured that if I wanted to base my channel around healthy living I should do a video centred around food. So my second video was a ‘Healthy Grocery Haul’ where I showed my groceries and how I prepare my food. I figured that this would give inspiration to my viewers on how to organise themselves to implement healthy food into their diet. 

Link to ‘Healthy Grocery Haul’ video:

I made sure I asked my viewers what they would like to see me do next in each video and I also asked this in the description. I then made an ‘Apartment Tour’ video in response to this comment: 

Link to ‘Apartment Tour’ video:

I then chose to have a few conversations with friends that I thought would be interested in this style of YouTube and asked what they thought I should do next. The most common response I got was a ‘Q&A’ video and a ‘Winter Outfit Ideas’ video, so I put this poll up on my Instagram story and got these results:

I then created a ‘Winter Outfit Ideas’ video:

Important learning moments

I wanted to go straight into making my first video and then realised that I had very basic filming and editing skills. So I decided to sign up to ‘Skill Share’ and do a few short courses. It actually ended up being more efficient to take time to do these courses before starting, rather than rushing into it and having to trouble shoot along the way. The first course really helped me wrap my head around how to market your videos to your audience. 

Links to the course I did:

After seeing this analytic early on, I began to ask my viewers to subscribe to me throughout my videos. This resulted in gaining subscribers and I learnt that viewers generally won’t subscribe unless they are reminded to.  

After making my first two videos, I spoke to my Mum and she told me that my videos would be more enjoyable if they were better quality. So I decided to ask my friend to help me film my next video (Apartment Tour) with her professional camera and the video received the highest amount of views and comments on my channel. I learnt that in order to progress I will probably need to invest in a camera and not rely on my phone. 

In my pitch I said I was going to make 3 videos throughout the whole semester. My tutor noted in my feed back that I should make more content and not worry so much about it being professional. I ended up doing 4 which I am proud of, although it would have been great to have done more. In saying this, I was surprised at how quickly I could edit these videos. I was expecting them to take a week or so each, where as in reality I could edit them in 2 hours if I wanted to. This has encouraged me to continue to create content in the future. 

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